What makes us different?

Custom home building and renovating is a very competitive field. We often find ourselves bidding on projects with other highly qualified professionals and this certainly drives us to sharpen budgets and keep our standards high. However, customers are looking for what differentiates us from the others. I impulsively snapped a photo yesterday that I think helps to answer this. I often tell our homeowners that my father is happy to “get his boots dirty” but I’m not sure they entirely believe me.

As many know, working with family brings a unique set of challenges but also many blessings. I have the opportunity to observe his building philosophy – one that he demands is adopted by his company and team of subcontractors. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. In this photo, he thought one of the porch columns might be out of level. Although the columns will be clad and this would be virtually unnoticeable, he took time to check and correct the column.  I’m not sure what prompted me to take the photo, as this is not a rarity. I could easily have following him around counting material, greeting each person on the site, making liberal use of his tape measure and noticing things that shouldn’t be discernible to the human eye. He takes great pride in his work and so does everyone around him. This is what we bring to the very personal process of building a home, a genuine motivation to “get it right” and deliver the best product possible that our homeowners can be just as proud of as we are. He has no idea that I took the photos so please feel free to mention it to him when you see him!